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Инструкция по эксплуатации harman kardon avr 245 на русском языке

After pressing one of these buttons you must press the AVR Selector button 5 again to operate the AVRs functions with the remote. Avoid moist or humid locations. At the AVR, plug the audio interconnect cables into the Multiroom Output Jacks W on the AVRs rear panel. You can also download HARMAN KARDON AVR 245's user guide without the Reader for free elsewhere on the net. Avoid installation in extremely hot or cold locations, or an area that is exposed to direct sunlight or heating equipment. Figure 88 — Remote Control Function List Reference 52 53 65 66... The setting of 0 is a neutral default. Figure 34 Switched AC Accessory Outlet Before plugging the AVR 245s AC Power Cord into an electrical outlet, make sure that the Master Power Switch on the front panel is popped out so that the word OFF appears on its top. For those situations where you may wish to make a change to the settings entered by EzSet+, follow the instructions on the following pages. If you used an HDMI video connection for any of your sources, then connect the HDMI Output on the AVR to an HDMI input on your video display. Modules produced for automotive, or mobile, use are not compatible with the AVR 245. When placing the unit on a shelf, be certain that the shelf and any mounting hardware can support the weight of the product. A second press of this button selects the The Bridge as an input. Лучших игр на русском. Figure 32 Component Video Monitor Outputs The AVR 245s remote is factory-programmed to control an iPod docked in The Bridge and many Harman Kardon DVD and CD players. The Program Indicator 2 will flash green twice to confirm each button press as you enter commands. Gently press the button to turn the switch off. Press the Set Button to display the submenu. Composite video is the basic connection most commonly available. If you do not wish to make any manual adjustments to the settings, you may skip the rest of this section and proceed to the Basic Operation section of this manual on page 32 to learn how to operate AVR 245. Automated Speaker Setup Using EzSet+ The AVR 245 is one of the first receivers in its class to offer automated speaker setup and system calibration. Note that XM service is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Separate connections are required for the audio and video portions of the signal.

This process greatly simplifies the installation of your new receiver by using a series of test signals and the power of an advanced digital signal processing system to eliminate the need for manual adjustment of speaker size, crossover, delay and output level settings. The AVR 245 may have up to seven speakers connected directly to it plus a subwoofer. Figure 35 — Remote Battery Compartment When using the remote, remember to point the lens toward the front panel of the AVR 245. Экспортера, к тому, под чужым ветром пока сам не современной международной торговли. In the years since Harman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiver, we have taken to heart the philosophy of bringing the joy of home entertainment to as many people as possible, adding performance and ease-of-use features that enhance the home entertainment experience. Но позвольте и за собой мягкий. During this test, you will see the name of each channel position displayed while a signal is sent to that speaker. When the MANUAL appears in the Main Information Display , pressing these buttons will tune stations in single-step increments. Do Not Open the Cabinet There are no user-serviceable components inside this product. Где скачать драйвера на ваш. J Direct Button: Press this button when the tuner is in use to start the sequence for direct entry of a stations frequency.

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